Tunnel Beach

Explore Dunedin's stunning coastline - loved by locals and visitors alike.
Tunnel Beach Tunnel Beach Tunnel Beach Tunnel Beach Tunnel Beach

Tunnel Beach

For centuries Dunedin’s sandstone coastline has been sculpted by the Southern Ocean. As a result, grand high cliffs have formed, providing stunning views and one of Dunedin’s most beloved natural playgrounds.

Named one of the most romantic spots in Dunedin, Tunnel Beach is most recognisable by it’s manmade tunnel built in the 1870s by John Cargill, the passage was created in order for his family to enjoy time at the beach away from onlookers at St Clair.

Tunnel Beach is busier in present times, but just as magical. A 2km return track takes you along rugged cliff tops with panoramic views of the coastline and ocean below. Be sure to stop and wander along the long, extended cliff. It’s perfectly safe to explore, but watch out for the edge! You're best to visit at low-tide - check online before heading out in order to experience the beach at its largest.

Located a twenty-minute drive from the City Centre, Tunnel Beach is a fantastic getaway loved by locals and visitors alike – be sure to plan a visit and enjoy Otago’s coastline in all its glory.

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