Mount Cargill

Experience stunning Southern bush and one of the best views in the city.
Mount Cargill Mount Cargill Mount Cargill Mount Cargill Mount Cargill

Mount Cargill

Looking for spectacular 360-degree views of Dunedin? One of the best spots to do so is from the peak of Mount Cargill. The 676m natural beauty is situated some 15km from the city centre and dominates the city’s northern skyline. The peak can be reached by a number of connecting walking tracks and is identifiable by a large telecommunications station and mast, Dunedin’s tallest man-made structure. In Maori legend, the three peaks of Mount Cargill represent the petrified head, body and feet of a princess of an early Otakou tribe.

Many people choose to enjoy the varied walking tracks in order to reach the peak, however there is also access by car if you’d prefer a scenic drive. The tracks vary in length and difficulty and pass a number of significant points of interest, one of which is the prominent formation of columnar jointed basalt known as the Organ Pipes, as seen in the above photos.

The walking track is 4km one way and is roughly a 3.5 hour round trip. While the terrain is fairly easy to navigate the path is steep and the weather at Mount Cargill can be unpredictable, be sure to take necessary precautions.

Why not venture out on your visit to Dunedin and experience the gorgeous native bush and wildlife the south of New Zealand provides.

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